About epar Connect

A feature rich EHS management software solution designed specifically for the sports turf industry.

Imagine if there was an integrated EHS management software platform designed specifically for the sports turf industry, accessible from any device, that seamlessly managed your workplace health, safety and environmental responsibilities. Good news.. there is. We call it epar Connect.


epar Connect can be configured to suit all business sizes, ranging from small golf clubs or sporting facilities, to large multinational organisations managing multiple facilities across the globe.


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Core benefits for your business

Industry specific

A dedicated EHS management software solution designed for and in collaboration with the sports turf industry.

Content rich

Access to EHS documentation, inspection templates and training programs developed by industry experts.

Integrated system

All of your environment, safety and health management in one easy to use application.

Data analysis and reporting

Know the status of EHS management across your entire organisation through simple, clear and accurate reporting tools.

Intuitive design

Minimise the implementation learning curve for your organisation with a simple, conventional and intuitive design.

Cloud architecture

Advanced security, infinitely scalable, fast and reliable to suit the dynamic and growing needs of your organization.

Our technology

epar Connect has been meticulously crafted on an advanced and sophisticated framework which is integrated with Amazon Web Services using AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Dynamo DB, AWS API GAteway, CloudFront CDN and Amazon Cognito. The technology stack extends to incorporate additional applications running on a NGINX web server utilizing the Hugo static-site framework. The user interface is responsive, animated and easy to navigate, thanks to the React powered user interface.


The architecture of epar Connect ensures that the product is highly secure, lighting fast, reliable and infinitely scalable to meet the growing needs of your organization.

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