What is epar Connect?

epar Connect Version 2.0 is an enterprise grade EHS software solution which has been engineered using sophisticated cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services. The system is highly secure, lightning fast, reliable and scalable to meet the growing needs of your organization.


The system provides a proactive, consistent and systematic approach to managing risk and protecting the health and safety of employees across the entire organization. It contains all things necessary that the business needs to induct, train and manage EHS activities and performance at a site level and for higher levels of management to monitor progress. You will be in full control of business outcomes.

Business Outcomes

Systematic EHS management

Core to all healthy business activity is a system to drive and monitor performance. Connect provides you with tools to capture data in real time and monitor results.

Improve communication

The architecture in the system allows you to connect people to the right information, quickly, which will boost your risk management capability.

Improve productivity

The rich content embedded in the system will mean your site personnel will be instantly productive, saving countless hours in research and development.


With real time reporting you can monitor site activity and performance as well as benchmarking the performance of each site against the best.

Skills development

The content of all training material, as well as course quizzes, will be built into Connect to drive skills development and best practice amongst your employees.

Employer of choice

Connect will help you drive excellence in workplace health, safety and environmental performance creating a positive workplace culture.

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The only dedicated EHS software platform designed specifically for the sports turf industry…

System features


An overview of your account which provides key EHS metrics and can be configured to suit your preferences.


Provides you with a list of EHS related activities, explaining what you need to do and when it needs to be done.


Access hundreds of industry specific EHS document templates to use and implement within your organization.


An online learning environment for your organization with EHS training courses developed by industry experts.


Monitor the condition of your workplace with hundreds of industry specific inspection templates ready to use.


Easily report and manage hazards within your workplace with automated workflows for hazard analysis and risk assessment.


Effectively manage workplace incidents with automated workflows for incident investigation and corrective actions.


Manage hazardous chemicals used within your workplace and track inventory levels, product use and applications.


Ensure your staff are trained and competent to safely operate machinery and equipment in your workplace.

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Connect software review program

Help us shape the future of EHS management in the sports turf industry. As a member of the epar Connect software review program, you can take part in shaping epar Connect by testing pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.

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